About Us


Blur 69 Vodka stands as Scotland’s premier flavoured ultra-premium brand. Our journey began in 2022, marked by an electrifying debut at the MTV AMA Awards 2022 in Dusseldorf, where we made our exciting entry onto the scene.

Since then, we’ve continued to ascend, winning over a curated selection of retailers, vibrant bars, and luxury establishments that proudly feature our exceptional product.

Triple Distilled & Filtered to Perfection

Our vodka is triple distilled for the ultimate purity, harnessing the revitalising waters of Scotland. It’s then attentively filtered to perfection, resulting in a vodka of unparalleled smoothness, delivering a crisp, clean taste with a subtle sweetness and a remarkable balance. This vodka invites you to savour the very best of Scottish vodka.

Flavoured Vodka

Our flavoured vodkas are carefully created with all-natural ingredients and with no added sugars. This ensures a delicious taste that preserves the same smoothness and crispness found in our Original Vodka. Furthermore, our flavoured range are all 40% ABV ensuring you have a flavoured vodka and not a vodka-based drink.

Indulge in our flavour range with our vibrant trio of watermelon, pineapple, and blue raspberry flavours.

The Brand

At Blur 69 we’re on a mission to deliver the finest quality Scottish Vodka without compromise while blurring the lines of traditional audience demographics commonly associated with premium products. Our vodka is crafted for enjoyment in any setting and on any occasion.

People have often inquired about the significance of the ’69’ in our brand name. While there have been some light-hearted explanations, the ’69’ symbolises the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang—a harmonious balance between opposites.

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